About YLB

Are you are looking for someone to wash your laundry?  Someone who makes the extra effort for high customer satisfaction?  That would be me.  With 20 years of experience in laundry service and the desire with interact with clients, starting my own company was an easy call.  I became Your Laundry Butler.

I started out knocking on people’s doors and in time my business grew to include commercial accounts as well.  Fast forward three years and we have a location in Suntree that serves all of Brevard County and can handle up to 360 pounds of laundry in a single hour.  In addition to residential and commercial accounts, Your Laundry Butler also offers dry cleaning and bridal laundry services.  We will pick up and deliver from your home or office—for free.

What’s your time worth?  Contact us to schedule a pickup and enjoy the convenience of having your very own Laundry Butler.